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New Style II Digital Clocks Launch - Bodet Press Release

New Range of Stylish Eco-Friendly Digital Clocks Launched by Bodet

Bodet is pleased to announce a new press release announcing the launch of its new range of Style II Digital Clocks.

Bodet's new Style II Digital Clock range features wide viewing angles and a new aesthetically pleasing design, with a choice of digit heights, display colours and models. Style II LED wall clocks are used across a wide range of organisations, including banks, offices, factories, airports, railways and council buildings. The Style II clocks are just one option Bodet offer for Digital Clocks.

Please contact us if you would like more information on our Style II Digital Clocks.

New Range of Stylish Eco-Friendly Digital Clocks Launched by Bodet

International time measurement and management specialist Bodet has just launched Style II, a brand new range of ultra slim, flush mounted, eco-compatible digital clocks. Aesthetically styled, and available in a range of different sizes, colours and functionalities, these new clocks have been designed to appeal to a range of sectors including healthcare, financial, general office and industrial.

The stylish ultra-slim, matt black ABS casing is finished with a laser-welded matt glass screen to eliminate reflections, which allows the clock face a 120 degree viewing angle.  The range includes clocks with either five, seven or ten centimetre height displays and white, red, yellow, blue or green SMD LEDs, which are adjustable to four brightness levels. All the clocks display hours and minutes, but high end models are available that also display seconds, ambient temperature and day/date.

These new low maintenance clocks can run independently, or can be installed as multiple slave clocks which are synchronised by a master clock. The Network Time Protocol (NTP) models are synchronised over an established wired IP network while the wireless models receive signals from an integrated Digital High Frequency (DHF) radio transmitter. This means every clock shows the correct time, and ensures automatic change between GMT and BST every Spring and Autumn. Standard clocks are powered from AC mains (100v or 240v) while the NTP version takes its power via Ethernet connection (PoE). 

All Style II clocks are fitted with a supercapacitor which means they can keep time for up to two weeks in the event of power failure, which is more eco-friendly than batteries. The Eco version also allows clocks to be programmed so they only operate during specified hours and revert to power saving mode when not required.

Download the complete press release here.

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