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Back to School With Bodet’s Class Change, Lockdown Alert and Synchronised Clock Solutions

As the new school year begins, let us help you run your school on time and save money

As schools start to go back after the Summer holidays, many will be preparing buildings for the return of students. This is often an extremely time for facilities work and maintenance, but Bodet’s School Solutions will assist you by increasing safety, communication and learning time.

Are you making changes to your school timetable for the new school year? Bodet’s Class Change Solutions allow you to easily programme a new lesson schedule, and even group sounders into zones with their own specific alert times. As well as class change, you can utilise personalised announcements such as wet break. You can even use our microphone or smartphone app to broadcast live or pre-recorded messages, and stream music for school events.


Bringing in new lockdown procedures for the new term? We have a dedicated Lockdown Alert System, with the ability to broadcast a unique lockdown alert across your whole premises, separate to other emergency alerts such as fire or evacuation. This ensures both students and staff know exactly how to react in an emergency situation. Our Harmonys System has recently been expanded to include a range of both local and remote lockdown trigger methods, such as a wireless remote control or PC/smartphone app.



Have any of your school clocks gone out of synchronisation over the Summer holidays, and now display slightly different times? Our Synchronised Clock Systems prevent this from happening. And when it comes to the Winter changeover at the end of October, no additional maintenance is required as our Synchronised Clocks adjust automatically. Utility services such as heating and lighting can even be linked to one of our Master Clocks, saving you further money.


We can provide your school with any combination of the above systems in one solution. Our Harmonys IP/POE System acts as a five-in-one solution functioning on your IT network, combining class change, lockdown alert, synchronised clocks, PA functionality and music streaming. Since it’s a modular system, at any point in the future you will be able to add additional clocks, sounders and even accessories such as microphones and multi-button control panels to trigger alerts.


If you would like further information about our School Solutions, or would like us to visit you for a free demonstration, please contact us.



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