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Wave of Hoax Bomb Threats forces UK Schools into Lockdown

This week over a dozen schools across the UK were subjected to a string of bomb threats, putting schools into lockdown and leading to evacuations and school closures.

It is reported that over 16 schools in the Suffolk and Surrey area were affected.


All of the threats are thought to have been hoaxes, and police are currently investigating the situation, believed to be the result of prank calls.


Although these appear to be hoaxes, every school has to treat a reported bomb threat as credible, and therefore put their emergency procedures into action.


With Bodet’s Lockdown Alert System, you can ensure your school is prepared for all types of emergency situations. It provides you with the ability to broadcast a unique, customisable alert, separate to a class change and fire alarm bell. This means that pupils and staff know exactly how to respond, whether evacuating or assembling at agreed lockdown locations.


Please contact us to see how we can tailor our Lockdown Solution for the specific needs of your school.


School Lockdown



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