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Bodet can save you money in 2016

investors in people

A Time and Attendance System can open the door to flexible working hours, and potential savings

34% of employees would prefer a more flexible approach to working hours over a 3% payrise, according to a recent poll by Investors in People.

The Job Exodus Trends 2016 Poll is conducted annually to reveal major trends across the UK workforce, examining the likelihood that people are looking to change jobs, and their motivations for doing so. The results for the 2016 poll show that over a third of people would prefer more freedom at work over an increased salary.

A Time and Attendance System is the perfect way to allow flexible working hours for your staff, without increasing the amount of administrative work. With a solution in place, working hours for all staff can be calculated automatically, alongside special periods such as overtime, as defined by yourself.

The average salary in the UK is £26,500, which equates to a potential 3% increase of £750 per employee. As such, it won’t take many employees before you’ve reached the price of a Time and Attendance System, which also offers many additional benefits through our modular software system.

We would welcome the opportunity to visit your organisation to provide a demonstration of our Time and Attendance Solutions and discuss your requirements in more detail.




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