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Protect your school pupils and staff with a Class Change & PA System

Be prepared for emergency situations via Lock Down Alerts on Bodet’s Harmonys System

Over the last few weeks alone, there been a spate of violent attacks in UK schools, including incidents at Kingsdale Foundation School in Dulwich, and another at Southfields Academy.

Both of these attacks occurred on school property, and there have been a number of similar cases around the rest of the country, with teachers targeted in separate attacks in Leeds and Bradford. There have even been similar incidents internationally, for example at a school in Sweden. As this trend sadly looks like continuing, their seemingly random nature means that every school has to take precautions, especially since pupils become their sole responsibility once on school grounds.

Whilst most schools have existing bell systems for signalling fire alarms and class changes, confusion can arise if this exact same alert is used to indicate a possible lock down situation. The last thing any school wants is pupils streaming out onto a playground to assembly points when there is a possible violent intruder on the premises.

Bodet’s Harmonys System offers a unique customisable lock down alert, either live or recorded, differentiated from other broadcast alerts such as evacuations, fire alarms or daily events. This allows clear communication, improving the safety of both pupils and staff.

The Harmonys product range is modular and can offer a synchronised Clock, Class Change & PA System based on the requirements of each school. It is designed to increase learning time and improve punctuality, including features allowing zoning of different areas within your school buildings and automated Summer / Winter changeovers.

Our expert staff would be happy to conduct a site survey and provide a clear report to ensure your school has full coverage for any emergency broadcast.


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